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Learning Styles

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There are three different learning styles: visual, tactile and auditory. You may be one specific style or a combination of styles i.e. visual/tactile. Review the guidelines below to determine your personal learning style. Knowing your learning style will support your educational goals by bringing your studying skills and class participation behavior into focus.


You are a visual learner if:

  • You learn by reading or seeing pictures.
  • You understand and remember things by sight.
  • You can picture what you are learning in your head, and you learn best by using methods that are primarily visual.
  • You like to see what you are learning.
  • You are usually neat and clean.
  • You often close your eyes to visualize or remember something, and you will find something to watch if you become bored.
  • You may have difficulty with spoken directions and may be easily distracted by sounds.
  • You are attracted to color and to spoken language (like stories) that is rich in imagery.

The list below will provide you with studying and classroom tips to improve you educational experiences.

  • Sit near the front of the classroom.
  • Have your eyesight checked on a regular basis
  • Use flashcards to learn new words
  • Try to visualize things that you hear or things that are read.
  • Write down key words, ideas, or instructions.
  • Draw pictures to help explain new concepts and then explain the pictures.
  • Color code things.
  • Avoid distractions during study times.

Remember that you need to see things, not just hear things, to learn well.

Click the link below to take the assessment test. It contains 20 easy questions that will confirm your personal learning style.