WCU Alumni Network Referral Program

Share your affinity for WCU with friends and family!

Graduates and supporters, like you, play a tremendous role in introducing talented students to WCU. By sharing your story with others, you provide inspiration, guidance and motivation for those interested in beginning their career in healthcare.

Being an advocate for WCU starts by completing the form provided with your referral’s information, along with your own. Upon the student’s successful enrollment, you will receive a token of WCU appreciation and recognition!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the WCU Alumni Network Referral Program?
The program is a way for you to help transform the next generation of healthcare professionals and be recognized for it. While referrals aren’t a guarantee of admission, your referral advocacy of the University means a lot to the institution.   

Who is eligible to be recognized for referring a student?
Alumni, friends of the university, board members, current students and most employees can be recognized for referring a student to WCU.
Employees whose primary work duties include recruiting new students (such as program directors, admissions officers, business development officers and other employees) are not eligible to be recognized through this program.

What WCU programs are eligible for student referral recognition?
Referrals to any program offered at WCU are eligible for recognition.

How is recognition received in the program?
Your referral is eligible when all three of the following steps are complete:

  1. The prospective student lists you (the referrer) on their application to WCU.
  2. You complete the online referral form.
    • You can refer one or more students at a time.
  3. The student enrolls at WCU.

Why is this process necessary to receive recognition?
Having the student name and information, you (the referrer’s) information, followed up your name on the student’s admission forms, helps us be certain that we are honoring and recognizing the person who inspired a new student to pursue their educational path at WCU. The referral form also helps us gather contact information to ensure you receive the full range of benefits.
Both the student and referrer receive recognition at the start of the student’s first term at WCU.

What are the benefits to referrers?
You will receive a WCU Alumni or Proud Package, of your choice.

What are the benefits to students?
Upon the student’s successful enrollment, the University will send an email to student(s) at the start of their first term to welcoming them to WCU. At this time, the student will receive a WCU Welcome Package.

What happens if the student defers enrollment?
Referrer recognition begins during the term the referred student enrolls at WCU. If the student defers, the referrer recognition and student benefits start at the time the student begins their coursework. You do not need to submit a second referral form for a student who defers.

I referred students to WCU several years ago. Can I still be recognized?
This recognition program began July 21, 2019. Student referrals that occurred before this date are ineligible for recognition.
We hope you will consider referring another student so that we may celebrate your support in this program.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Student Referral Recognition Program?
Please email the alumni relations team at if you have questions about the program or the status of your referral.


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