Updates - 5/11/2020

Dear West Coast University Student,

We continue to be amazed at the flexibility and tenacity of our students and your ability to adjust to our current environment, all while pushing forward to be the healthcare providers of the future.

The re-opening of our campus is a high priority, surpassed only by the desire to keep our entire campus community safe. Each day, we monitor city ordinances and public health information as we plan for what our future as a University and community will hold. With these factors in mind, we are working to proactively create a plan to return to campus, but only when local ordinances and public health officials deem opening our campus advisable.

Please know that currently, the public health climate and related ordinances continue to remain fluid, changing almost weekly, and that presently no actual date has been identified when we can safely resume campus operations.

While no specific date to return to campus has been determined, one thing is clear: the future of on-campus instruction will not look like it has in the past. Given the need to continue to engage in social distancing and wear appropriate and approved personal protective equipment, we don’t anticipate a return to what we considered normal just a few months ago. In the meantime, we are preparing the campus to support a smaller capacity for classroom and student space to ensure we meet these new social norms. In addition, we are planning for increased frequency of deep cleaning processes, and facility structural changes such as advanced air purification systems.

At WCU, our approach and culture are student centric. Our goal is to continue to focus on providing the best possible education so you can continue to progress academically during this unprecedented time, while giving you options to meet your personal preferences.

Please continue to persevere through these circumstances and know that we are working constantly to help you achieve the best possible academic outcomes as quickly and as safely as possible.

Stay healthy and safe,

WCU Administration

WCU cannot guarantee employment. Programs vary by campus. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or position of the school or of any instructor or student.

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