International Education



In order to participate in an international education program, you are required to have a current and valid passport, which will remain valid at least 6 months after your planned return from the program. In addition to your passport, and depending upon the country and duration of the program, there may be a visa required for your participation in the program. Your International Education team will advise you if a visa will be required, and will provide information on that process if applicable.

How to apply for a US Passport

Citizens can obtain a passport in various ways. For an overview of the passport application process, visit: The documentation you will need to provide includes an application form, evidence of US Citizenship, current ID, passport photos, and you will be required to pay an application fee.  Typically, you need to allow 4-6 weeks from the time of your application to receive and use your passport for international travel.

Visas and other entry requirements

Many countries require visas for foreigners to cross its borders and enter for particular reasons. This can add a layer of complexity and time constraints for students participating in a program abroad. West Coast University currently has no programs that require visas for participation, however if that changes, you’ll be notified in time to complete any additional administrative processes to participate in your program.

Some countries will also have other requirements associated with travel in and out of the country.  Information about entry requirements (i.e., visas, immunizations, additional fees, etc.) can be found at and