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Eligibility & How to Apply

Eligibility & How to Apply

To be eligible for the Honors program, participants must:

  • Be enrolled in the WCU Bachelor of Science in Nursing program
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Have successfully completed NURS 100 and NURS 120 (or have successfully completed at least 2 terms in the core of the nursing program)
  • Have not failed any courses taken at WCU
  • Have no conduct violations
  • Exhibit strong academic standing with exemplary classroom conduct and attendance.
  • Not be enrolled in the final two terms of the Nursing program prior to nor concurrently with the summer term associated with the Oxford Honors Program.

All students who meet eligibility requirements will be invited to apply to the program via the online application. As part of the online application, students are asked to prepare a video “essay” and upload a copy of his/her passport (which must be valid to at least 6 months beyond the program return date) or a copy of the passport renewal application.

After the application screening process, students may be selected for a panel interview at their campus and will be contacted about the interview schedule. Shortly thereafter, students will be notified of the result of the application process.