International Education



While students’ actual budgets may vary depending upon individual activities and shopping habits, participating in the Oxford Honors Program will not increase overall tuition costs. Specifically, students can expect the following in terms of budget for the program:

Student Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and pay for travel arrangements to and from Oxford University with assistance of a WCU stipend.
    • WCU will provide a standard travel stipend, and costs in excess of this stipend are the student’s responsibility
  • Evening dinners and non-program meals, sightseeing and entertainment, and other personal expenses incurred outside of the program
  • Travel documents (i.e., passport or visa documents)
  • Local transporation costs (will vary by student activities)

West Coast University will provide:

  • Room and partial board (two meals daily)
  • Travel stipend to assist in travel expenses
  • Entry fees for planned excursions
  • Certificate of participation and successful completion of the program. This program will also be noted on your official transcript.