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Oxford Honors Program

The West Coast University Honors Program in Oxford, England is an invitation-only international experience for current WCU BSN students who meet the high academic performance standards required of participants. The Honors Program takes place during the Summer term, and will include students from each campus. Students enrolled in the Honors Program will enroll in a hybrid 10-week WCU course that examines core concepts of international service, as well as poverty and disparity in a health continuum. The course will explore issues related to diversity, foreign aid, alternative healthcare delivery systems, and present strategies for providing nursing care in a multicultural environment. As part of the program, students will also attend guest lectures at Oxford, will participate in cultural excursions in England, and will visit local hospitals to observe a hospital setting with National Health Services medical care.

The Honors Program will provide participants with an outstanding opportunity to travel abroad and to learn from some of the brightest thought-leaders in the healthcare industry. Global healthcare continues to be a highly relevant topic today, and this program will explore various healthcare systems. Additionally, students will develop an expanded knowledge base of core concepts to become engaged leaders in the healthcare profession while studying within a global context. Students will benefit from the Oxford Honors Program by developing:

  • Perspective - Widen your horizons on an academic, personal, and professional level.
  • Intercultural Skills - Develop more of the global skill set necessary to practice nursing in a multicultural setting and to analyze issues on an international scale.
  • Relevance - Global healthcare is a highly relevant and dynamic topic, and having a comparative healthcare experience will provide a modern perspective in practice.
  • Experience - World travel will provide you the opportunity to see new perspectives that can enlighten your academic and personal growth.
  • Value - Studying abroad increases the value of your degree, and improves your standing with graduate schools and employers. With generous travel stipends, students have access to a transformative and valuable experience.

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