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West Coast University is committed to training its students to provide competent care to diverse populations. International clinical work can be a life-changing way to develop this competency. As part of its continuing commitment to providing the best possible education, WCU launched the Global Public Health Program. Participants in the program will travel abroad for two weeks during the regular WCU term as part of their Public Health Nursing term, and will apply 40 clinical hours earned abroad towards their required clinical hours in public health nursing while working with medically underserved communities abroad. 

The Global Public Health Program offers participating students an unparalleled chance to work hands-on with patients in an international setting. A portion of the required public health clinical hours will be satisfied in a new and exciting environment and local approaches to healthcare delivery will be experienced first-hand.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, while making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable populations around the world. Although the actual clinical work undertaken abroad will depend on the needs of the local community, much of it will be similar in nature to the public health work undertaken by WCU students in the United States. Home visits, community health assessments, health screenings, and immunization projects will all be possible activities, with the key differences being the cultural makeup, language, and location of the communities being served.

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