WCU Cash Card FAQs


What is the Money Network® Enabled WCU Cash Card?

Are there any electronic options available besides the WCU CashCard?

Do I have to pay a sign-up fee to get a Cash Card?

Do I get a new Cash Card each time I get a new stipend?

What if I don’t spend all the money that was deposited into my CashCard Account?

How can I keep track of my balance?

I don’t want to pay any fees to withdraw cash for the Cash Card; what can I do?

Is there an ATM withdrawal limit using the Cash Card?

Do I get checks with my Money Network® Enabled WCU Cash Card?

Is there a limit for the Money Network® Checks?

Will Walmart™ cash my Money Network® Checks?

Does my school know where I spend my money?

What happens if I need to return a purchase that I made with my Cash Card?

Can I manage my Money Network® Account online?

Can I transfer money from my Cash Card Account to a personal bank account?

What information is needed to login to the website to make my selection for electronic services?

How long after I choose my WCU Cash Card will it come in the mail?

How long does it take for funds be directly deposited into my own bank account if I choose the direct deposit option?

Can I change my selection (Cash Card/Direct Deposit) whenever I want?

When should I expect to see my stipend on my Cash Card?

What happens if I lose my Cash Card, what is the process for replacement, is there a charge?

Can I use the Cash Card internationally?

If I see an unauthorized transaction, who should I contact?

How do I add funds to my WCU Cash Card?