Fact Book

The West Coast University Fact Book is a representative profile of the University as seen through the lens of student enrollment, degrees awarded, demographics, faculty, and admissions.

The development and publication of the Fact Book is a direct result of collaborative efforts by University leadership to ensure that readers are provided with an accurate and easy-to-understand body of work used to measure and reflect upon the University across multiple metrics.

As with most fact books, the data found here is a wide-ranging overview of WCU growth, development, and progress within a defined period of time. While the Fact Book represents only a snapshot of an important journey for the University to relentlessly pursue more effective and innovative ways through which students develop and learn, it also provides the University with an effective tool to examine strengths and progress to date.

West Coast University is committed to delivering transformational education within a culture of integrity and personal accountability. Within this Fact Book and subsequent editions, our commitment to education is continuously measured against standards and trends of student achievement and learning.