General Education - GEM

General Education - GEM

GEM is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force and West Coast University to offer a group of general education courses through a web-based platform.

West Coast University has partnered with GEM to offer general education courses online for Air Force personnel who want to complete their CCAF Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requirements. WCU’s online courses meet the CCAF standards and degree completion requirements.

Our partnership streamlines the process for CCAF students to complete their General Education requirements through WCU, which allows students to complete their degree programs.

Online Environment

At WCU, you are not alone. WCU provides support and guidance that should help you achieve your professional goals.  Our online courses are energizing, engaging and enriched with video content, simulations, adaptive quizzing and on-the-go resources—to help you stay connected wherever you are. WCU's programs are simple to navigate and easy to use while you are supported by your instructors, peers, Student Services and our 24/7 technical support.

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Approved GEM Courses:

SPCH 142 Oral Communication
Evaluates the construction, delivery, and analysis of public speaking. Students present several speeches to the class. Communication theory, research, and best practices are discussed in relation to persuasion, ethos, pathos, logos, logical fallacies, audience analysis, language choice, nonverbal messages, culture and communication, visual aids, listening, supporting materials, organizational patterns, evaluating research, and speech delivery. Different types of speeches are studied, such as informative, persuasive, special occasion. Students become critical consumers of communication. 
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

ENGL 140 Written Communication I
The student will develop competency in effective written communication for creative, academic, and professional written communication. The course focuses on four basic areas of effective writing: unity, specifics, coherence and grammar. Utilizes reading, discussion and personal insight to increase students' capacity to write simple paragraphs, formal essays, reports and research projects. APA style and library usage/research is required.
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

ENGL 240 Written Communications II
This course involves the intensive study and practice of advanced writing principles for research papers. Detailed review of APA style format and library research. Focus on development of critical thinking skills to analyze and critique written communication. Review of writing principles include developing thesis statements, providing support, proper citation and reference pages, and creating clear organization of main points. APA style and library usage/research is required.
Credits: 3
Prerequisite: ENGL 140 or the equivalent.

Term Length: 8 Weeks

MATH 108 College Mathematics I
Students are introduced to algebra topics such as properties of real numbers including basic operations, solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, polynomials and their properties, factoring polynomials, simplifying rational expressions, radical expressions, complex numbers, solving and graphing quadratic equations, solving system of two linear equations, logarithmic functions and their properties, and exponential functions.
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

MATH 211 Statistics
This course covers descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on real world applications related to the healthcare industry. Course topics include collecting and organizing data, visualizing data using graphs, summarizing data using sample statistics, estimating population parameters using confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing on population parameters. Linear correlation, regression analysis, and basic probability concepts are also covered.
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

HIST 100 U.S. History
Surveys United States history with emphasis on civil institutions, foundational facts, multicultural perspectives, and their impact on modern-day national and international social and political developments. Explores major historical events and themes, primarily focusing on their impact on American history (i.e., cultural, political, and social movements).
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

PHIL 251 Survey of Contemporary Ethics
Provides a general overview of ethical theory and contemporary issues. Students will explore ethical theories including religion and global ethics, egoism, altruism and the social contract, utilitarianism, deontology, and feminist ethics. Students will also develop an expanded knowledge base of contemporary ethical issues including euthanasia, abortion, sexual morality, same-sex marriage, equality and discrimination, structural racism, economic justice, global distributive justice, punishment and the death penalty, environmental ethics, animal ethics, violence, and war.
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

SOC 280 Sociology
Questions basic sociological concepts, such as socialization and culture; social organizations; stability and change in societies; cooperation and conflict among human groups; religious, political, economic, technical, and scientific institutions. Sociological concepts and issues as culture and subculture; development of the self; gender and age roles; social class and caste; groups, communities, collectivities, and organizations; deviance; racism; human institutions: family, religion, education, government, economics; and population change in society are discussed.
Credits: 3
Term Length: 8 Weeks

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