WCU Students Help Finalize Contemporary Forums' Transition-into-Practice Pilot Nursing Program

Posted on 06/26/2017

Twenty-three West Coast University students are taking part in a pilot program that provides a unique nursing experience from a different perspective.

In addition to their regular pre-graduation courses and activities, the WCU students are shadowing real nurses at work and receiving specialized training thanks to Contemporary Forums’ Transition into Practice (TIP) pilot program.

According to Contemporary Forums Continuing Education manager Adriana LeBer, the TIP program emphasizes interprofessional, collaborative and patient-centered care. TIP students will also gain hands-on experience in different areas of the hospital — like the intensive care unit — where students may not have access during regular preceptorship rotations, due to the patient’s dire condition.

As part of her TIP training, WCU-Orange County BSN student Allison Hudson had to complete 120 clinical hours at Orange Coast Memorial in Fountain Valley.

“I have done two 12-hour shifts so far and it has been the best two experiences I have had throughout school so far. I am learning so much, and have the best preceptor and team to look up to at Orange Coast,” she said. “These experiences have solidified my passion of wanting to be an operating room nurse. I hope to one day work with these amazing people at Orange Coast again.”

WCU-OC BSN student Nicole Archambult said she was glad for the added knowledge she gained while in the 10-week program.

“TIP helped me find my passion in nursing and I will be forever grateful for it and my preceptors,” Archambult said.

WCU students from three campuses — Orange County, Los Angeles and Ontario — are enrolled in the program. Contemporary Forums will finalize the program’s course work and curriculum at the end of the term.

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