MSN Online Program - Advanced Generalist

Why WCU Online Programs

As a provider of advanced online healthcare degrees in California—and a growing presence in Texas and Florida—adapting our unique philosophy and focused curriculum to online platforms became the next logical step.

WCU’s experience and reputation for delivering Master of Science in Nursing online degree programs makes us unique among online education providers as well.

West Coast University’s experience delivering focused curriculum offers you several clear advantages for online learning.

WCU Advantages

Get the most out of your online degree with these clear advantages:

Continuing Education

In an ever changing field like healthcare, your need for education doesn’t stop at graduation. Neither does your educational support from WCU. Every online MSN graduate receives complimentary membership in Contemporary Forums: The Leader in Healthcare Continuing Education.

After graduation, WCU supports its online MSN graduates by providing them ongoing discounted CEs through a complimentary membership with our continuing education partner.  Graduates can enjoy innovative conferences, online learning, networking opportunities and more through Contemporary Forums.

100 years of advanced education—now online

For over 100 years WCU has been dedicated to advanced professional education, and now we are leveraging new technologies to make an advanced healthcare degree more accessible than ever before—to create a new breed of healthcare professional.