RN to MSN Online - Advanced Generalist

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the RN to MSN online program must meet the following standards:

  1. Provide proof of current unobstructed professional licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the United States.
  2. Official transcripts from a Board of Nursing licensed Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing program; 
    1. Official transcripts must be submitted to document program completion. The RN to MSN program gives students the opportunity to transfer up to 90 semester credits. Students enrolled in the RN to MSN program are exempt from specific general education requirements. There is no science recency requirement for RN-MSN students.

Nursing (RN to MSN) Transfer Credits

Nursing applicants requesting transfer credit evaluation must provide official transcripts no later than the first day of the first semester in which the online student commences their education at West Coast University. College-level coursework will be considered and evaluated for transfer credit, and all college-level coursework must have been taken at an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. The online RN to MSN program will award 42 transfer credits for an unobstructed current RN license issued in the United States. For students who are not eligible to transfer all of the 90 credits needed for completion of the program, students may receive credit for prior learning assessed by registering for and completing the Prior Learning Assessment course (PLA 400).

Note: An online student may have the option of taking a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA 400) course if he/she does not have sufficient college-level credits required to meet the 120 credits required for graduation with this degree program.