Program Learning Outcomes

Continuous Program Review Leads to Improved Student Success

Program Learning Outcomes

There's no question that the annual program reviews are important. But we do not wait a year to identify areas that need adjustment. At WCU, we are truly committed to student success. Ensuring that success means checking on how we're doing with plenty of time to put corrective actions in place, if needed. Why is this so important? It allows WCU to identify areas needing improvement, as well as at-risk students, earlier in the term- because early intervention is critical to improving learning outcomes and student success.

Our faculty meets every 10 weeks in what we call our Learning Communities. In these communities, faculty across our three campuses who teach similar courses collaborate, sharing assessment tools and best practices, curricula and instructional strategies with colleagues. Prior to these meetings, they complete course feedback forms that provide their assessment of student learning for the classes they teach.

These Learning Communities are an example of WCU's culture of shared governance. We rely on our faculty - the frontline experts who interact daily with students - to evaluate student learning and recommend changes to improve learning outcomes.

General Education Learning Outcomes

Nursing Programs
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