Assessment Overview

Assessment Overview

Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment measures student learning at the broadest level. Regardless of the program of study a student chooses, we have established learning outcomes every student should master upon graduation.

Upon graduating from a degree program offered by West Coast University, students will be able to:

  1. Implement intellectual and practical problem-solving skills through information assessment and critical thinking.
  2. Demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  4. Demonstrate computer proficiency and information literacy.
  5. Describe ethical standards and legal guidelines associated with one's chosen career field.
  6. Explain why knowledge of and respect for the societal contributions of diverse cultures and perspectives is an important quality in one's discipline.
  7. Articulate the importance of working collaboratively with other healthcare providers in support of the client/patient.

Program Assessment

Program-specific learning outcomes are assessed annually during Program Reviews, which occur each March.  For every program and every learning outcome, we detail:

  • The proposed outcomes and the rationale why those outcomes were selected
  • The method of measuring student achievement toward these outcomes
  • The findings from supporting data
  • Recommendations to improve student learning

If the evidence demonstrates that there is a weakness in a specific learning outcome, an action plan is created to improve results.


Co-curricular Assessment

Just as the academic Program Reviews assess student learning, we also assess student learning and competence in non-academic departments.
Admissions Department Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to explain the admissions process. 
  2. Students will be able to describe the class structure, course requirements, transfer of credit process and any entrance exams.
  3. Students will complete the acceptance and registration process in a timely and accurate manner. 

Financial Aid Department Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers.
  2. Students will be able to access their loan history online.
  3. Students will be able to identify available funding resources.

Student Services Department Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify WCU resources and services that promote self sufficiency.
  2. Students will demonstrate personal accountability throughout their WCU educational experience.
  3. Students will demonstrate basic leadership skills.
  4. Students will participate in events and activities that promote respect and appreciation for self, community and others.

Career Services Department Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify their career goals.
  2. Students will develop a strategy to assist them in achieving their career goals.
  3. Students will demonstrate effective job searching techniques.
  4. Students will demonstrate effective interviewing skills. 

Course Assessment

For every course a student takes at WCU, the University has established specific course learning outcomes. These outcomes are appropriately integrated so that upon graduation, students know that they have achieved the end-goal; they will graduate with the knowledge, skills and experience to be competent and successful healthcare professionals.